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by Caroline Gaudriault

It is with tears in our eyes that we pay homage to our most courageous editorialists, those who dared to brave the most abject threat, who chose not to remain silent, who continued to demonstrate their independence of spirit, their black humour, when laughter is required in the face of tragedy. We want to pay homage to their exceptional courage.

They didn’t just kill Charlie Hebdo, they also killed the cartoonists of our childhood. They killed our icons. Cabu and Wolinski were immortal …
They killed our dearest values in a horrendously Machiavellian scenario. We are all deeply wounded because are it is our minds which are under attack, our intellects, our freedom to think, our impertinence, our gall, what gives us, in the face of all comers (and against all forms of “French bashing”) our national identity.


We are Charlie Hebdo because we are now part of the resistance. United in the face of pain.

They died as martyrs, as examples of resistance, as if to say that they can take our bodies, but they can never take our spirit. After the shock, the collapse, comes revolt, rebellion. “Nous sommes Charlie Hebdo” means that we have never felt as free to think as we are now.

It is time not only to pay homage to Charlie Hebdo hold up its editorialists as an example. It is time not to give in to self-censorship for fear of “confusing things”, of appearing “racist”, of contemplating all kinds of bad thoughts …

It is not only up to us not to confuse things. It is not up to us to excuse ourselves from thought. It is not up to us to be afraid that a sane mind could begin to have insane thoughts.

Isn’t it the moment for all those who are close to Islam to show that now confusion is possible, to rise up against those who use their religion as an ideology of death?
We must hope that Charlie Hebdo has not fallen in vain.

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